Half Year Report 2012

Adecco Group –
Notes to consolidated financial statements (unaudited)
in millions, except share and per share information

Note 12 – Commitments and contingencies


The Company has entered into certain guarantee contracts and standby letters of credit that total EUR 724, including those letters of credit issued under the multicurrency revolving credit facility (EUR 71). The guarantees primarily relate to government requirements for operating a temporary staffing business in certain countries and are generally renewed annually. Other guarantees relate to operating leases and credit lines. The standby letters of credit mainly relate to workers’ compensation in the USA. If the Company is not able to obtain and maintain letters of credit and/or guarantees from third parties, then the Company would be required to collateralise its obligations with cash. Due to the nature of these arrangements and historical experience, the Company does not expect to be required to collateralise its obligations with cash.


In the ordinary course of business, the Company is involved in various legal actions and claims, including those related to social security charges, other payroll-related charges, and various employment-related matters. Although the outcome of the legal proceedings cannot be predicted with certainty, the Company believes it has adequately reserved for such matters.